Still a massively popular means of displaying multiple samples in the least possible floorspace; our Karisma waterfall style lectern can be manufactured to take almost any sample size from 18" x 18" right up to 27" x 54" and just about anything else in between!  Tasteful contrasting finishes and careful use of  graphics ensure these examples really stand out in a crowd

Lecterns & Waterfalls - Lecterns in particular have become more and more popular as a means of selling a single style of carpet. These are economical in both in terms of floor space and cost.

The Karisma - a display icon

This display is probably responsible for the sale of millions of square yards of carpeting thoughout the world. Since its development and introduction by Displad in 2005 for 27" x 27" samples, variations have followed for other sample sizes.

The Karisma 2727 can be shipped flat-packed in cartons for simple 15 minute self-assembly making it ideal for export.

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Standard Production Time
Custom Built Displays-Minimum Order 100